Reviews for the Best Mandarin Chinese Learning Programs

Comparison Table - Best Mandarin Chinese Self-Study Lessons

Program Our Rating Price(s) Pros Cons
Rocket Mandarin Chinese 5 stars $99.95 Downloadable
$299.95+S&H Physical 20CDs
Learn more here
Great value, Audio recordings, software and written material. Money-back warranty offered None that we have noticed
Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese
(MP3 download version)
5 stars Several options are available. Starting from $119 (Units 1-30)
Purchase directly from Simon & Shuster
Natural learning, good speakers accent. Time-proved method that really works. Truly a Language-learning classic.
Offers Warranty
Only Audio files are provided. Some subtle pronunciation differences are not easy to catch. (ex. "m" vs. "n") 
Learn Chinese From Movies
4.5 stars $97 USD for the digital-only version and
$167 USD for the physical and digital package.
Learn more here
Passive learning watching a Chinese movie with native perfect accent. Subtitles show Chinese, pinyin and English. Includes other bonuses and tools including a Chinese Character software to learn how to correctly draw each stroke. Only one movie available at the moment, but it is enough to cover a good level of fluency in less than 2 months.

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