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Tonality in Mandarin Chinese

Chinese is a tonal language. This means that in addition to the sounds of the consonants

and vowels, the tone with which a syllable is pronounced helps to determine its meaning.

The Chinese languages are almost exclusively made up of one-syllable words, composed of an initial consonant sound followed by the syllable`s main vowel, sometimes in combination with another consonant or vowel.

Mandarin also takes into account the tone with which a syllable is pronounced. The tone is determined by the pronunciation of the sylabe´s main vowel. Each tone has a name which
describes the falling or rising motion.

In this way, several meanings can be assigned to any one syllable, depending on the tone with which it is pronounced.

For example, when pronounced using a falling-raising tone, the word nar means "where". However, when this word is pronounced with just a falling tone, nàr, it means "there".

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